The Redding House

The Redding House

Do you need a sightseeing plan? As members of this community, we can direct you to a location. The historic Redding house is located at 770 Jackson St. Biloxi, MS 39530, United States.

About the Historic Redding House 

The Redding house is situated in Biloxi MS and was built in 1908. The Redding house is listed on the National Registry of historic places and is the only surviving downtown Biloxi Mansion. The Redding house is a historic house built for Charles Redding who was a businessman.  The classical Revival house is still in existence in Biloxi. The complex design and fine details of the building cannot be overlooked. One of its outstanding features is the use of circular motifs, particularly in the forms of its porches and the projecting bay on the west façade. It is one of the best examples of colonial revival houses in all of southern Mississippi. The house was built specifically at Jackson Street in a bid to keep it away from destructive storms.

– Some specific features of the house include; a Palladian Arch, Corinthians columns of cypress wood, curved porches, grand entrance, staircase, the two-story central hall entryway which is designed to enhance indoor weather control. Others are floor-to-ceiling windows, white exterior rose-colored plaster walls, crystal chandeliers, stained glass windows, and hand-painted Mural ceilings.

In today’s world, the Redding house is a very special and popular spot for events and weddings in the city of Biloxi. These events also include corporate events. The recommended time to visit the Redding house is from 12 PM to 3 PM.

A Brief History of the Redding House

Charles Redding who is a native of neighboring Bay Saint Louis relocated to Biloxi after the civil war. In the year 1907 Charles sought a new location for his operations, he was engaged in the business of growing ship’s Chandlery marine supply. Mrs. Nancy “Annie” Pittman Redding gave her husband the thumbs up to his choice of securing the Beach front property. The property was damaged in a hurricane in 1989. The hurricane caused a lot of damages to the site’s waterfront. The couple agreed to and contracted Mr. John Harkness who was a local architect. The architect handles the building responsibility of what is today known as “The Redding House”. The house has an extensive library and in the case of an event it can accommodate over 200 guests