Old Brick House

Old Brick House

Are you new in Biloxi, or are you just passing by? Let’s be your guide to the best spots in town. One of the highlights of this town is The Old Brick House.

History of the Old Brick House

In 1850, John Henley who was former police and mayor of Biloxi Mississippi built a house on the back bay. The house is known as the Old Brick House (Biloxi garden center.) In 1973, the old brick house was named a historic place. In 1987, it was designated as Mississippi’s landmark. In 2011, the old brick house was renovated and rededicated after it had suffered damages as a result of the Katrina hurricane of  2005.

What to do at the Old Brick House

The Old Brick House has become a historic place of interest and people( both locals and visitors) visit the old brick house. Although the interior of the building is not open to visitors, people still take walks around the surrounding and enjoy the view. You can also take a peek into the interior through the windows. The view of the bay from the balcony is beautiful.

Some may wonder why the interest in the old brick house. To natives of Biloxi, Mississippi, the old brick house is a testament of history, of preservation, of what they had gone through and emerged from. Having survived two major hurricanes.  The house is also one of two antebellum architecture structures left in Biloxi. This makes it an architectural landmark and area of interest. The Old Brick House is made of 3 exterior walls. This is why the structure was able to survive the hurricane and stand for this long. Most of Biloxi has now become a commercial area and having this Old Brick House is significant to what Biloxi used to be. 

Some say if there was something of interest inside the house and people were allowed to come into the building then there would have been a reason for it to be a historic area of interest.

Regardless of what people say about the old brick house, the structure has some allure about it. It is a testament to what was, and a significant part of the history and resilience of Biloxi. You should take a ride down to the back bay to have a walk around the Old Brick  House and enjoy the best view of the bay.