Old Biloxi Cemetery

Old Biloxi Cemetery

As members of this great city, we are glad to share with you some features of the city’s cemetery, Biloxi City Cemetery also referred to as “Old Biloxi Cemetery” 

The city’s cemetery stretches from U.S. 90 on the southern end to the north of the CSX railway off Irish Hill, east of White Avenue. It is situated west of the former site of Fort Louis, which signifies it may have been the burial place for early French settlers. The cemetery features several 19th-century above-ground monuments & barrel-vaulted tombs. The oldest existing gravestone is French-inscribed and bears an 1811 death date. 

History of Biloxi Cemetery 

Many of the city’s most famous residents are buried in the Biloxi City Cemetery. Most of the tombstones are dated back to the 1800s!

In 1784, when Louis Fayard first obtained a Spanish Land Grant for this area, the cemetery was part of it. His beneficiaries handed over it to the town of Biloxi in1844. The oldest existing headstone is the  French inscribed & bears an 1811 death date. The number of 19th-century above-ground monuments & barrel-vaulted crypts reflects the ties between Biloxi & New Orleans. Kindly see the historical marker in the cemetery for more information.

Old Biloxi Cemetery Tour

Biloxi dated back its 318-year history,  been home to some wonderful characters who have exciting stories to tell. 

The Preserve Biloxi Committee has arranged these cemetery tours to tell some of those stories & to bring those characters to life. Some of the stories are well recognized such as Edward Barq & the invention of his namesake beverage but others are more obscure like Joseph “Dinker” Lamas being battered by a bear at the Biloxi city zoo.

The cemetery is open every day for self-guided tours & you can as well take a virtual tour online too.

Notable Figures Laid To Rest In The Old Biloxi Cemetery

Among those notable figures buried in the historic graveyard is Juan de Cuevas “Hero of Cat Island War of 1812.”Juan de Cuevas & his family defended their household, Cat Island, off the Mississippi Coast during the 1812 War. 

– Edward Barq, the found  of Barq’s Root Beer, Walter “Skeet” Hunt, 

– The inventor of Mardi Gras on the Gulf Coast, & Jean Guilhot

– Charles Bessey, the Medal of Honor recipient,  is also buried here. 

Other notable figures are George Ohr, The Mad Potter of Biloxi, Lazaro Lopez the seafood pioneer, & many more.