Ohr-O’Keefe Museum of Art

Ohr-O'Keefe Museum of Art

Ohr-O’keefe museum of Art in Biloxi is one of the best museums. Let’s dig right in!

This is a non-profit museum of art dedicated to the ceramics of George E. Ohr; a person who proclaimed to be “Mad Potter of Biloxi”.  This museum was located in 386 Beach Boulevard Biloxi, Mississippi, named in 1857 – 1918 for ceramic artist George Ohr, and was helped by the late wife of the former Biloxi mayor Annette O’Keeffe; the person who donated a significant amount of money for the completion of the museum’s campus. This museum was finally established in 1989 in its current location, and it was directed by David Houston as of 2020. 

Ohr-O’keefe Museum Of Art Construction

The construction of the five-building museum Ohr-O’keefe began in 2004 and it was designed by architect Frank Gehry to dance with the live oak trees on the 1.6-hectare site.  However, the building was damaged by the Hurricane Katrina accident that happened in August 2005. 5 years after the accident, three of its buildings on the east side of the campus were reopened with outstanding exhibitions which include that of George Ohr pottery from the Gulf coast collection, while the City of Biloxi Center for ceramics and other buildings were scheduled for completion in 2012 and 2014.

Ohr-o’keefe Museum Gallery.

– John S. and James L. knight pod pavilion: it was completed in 2004 and it houses the George Ohr pottery. 

– Ip casino resort and spa exhibitions gallery: it was reopened in 2010.

– Gallery of African American Art: this gallery was also open for use in 2010.

– Mississippi sound welcome center: it was opened in the year 2010 too. 

– City of Biloxi center for ceramics: it was opened in 2012, and it houses a state-of-the-art ceramics studio and classrooms such as pottery classes, OOMA-ED program, and summer youth programs (SOOMA).

– Creel house.


Problems Faced By Ohr-o’keefe Museum As A Non-profit Museum And How It Overcame.

In July 2011 Ohr-O’keefe Museum, a non-profit organization faced a major problem, and the problem was a financial difficulty. Because it is a non-profit organization, its revenues were not sufficient to manage the expenses of the museum. 

In October 2011, the Biloxi City council arose and offered financial assistance with the sole expectation of seeing the museum grow to become the center for cultural tourism. 

Ohr-O’keefe Museum is dedicated to promoting, conserving, and displaying the exceptional legacy of Biloxi potter George E. Ohr, a visit to this museum will amaze you.