Biloxi Visitors Center

Biloxi Visitors Center

Are you new in town? Do you need information?  Well, we got you!  As members of this community, allow us to guide you.

Biloxi visitors center is located at 1050 Beach Boulevard at U.S 90 and Porter Avenue, just west of 1100 looped Beau Rivage Resort and Casino. 

About the Biloxi Visitor Center

The center opened in July 2011 in the shadow of the Biloxi lighthouse on U.S 90. The Biloxi center blends the beauty of architecture with the touch of modern technology and multimedia exhibits which gives both locals and visitors a feel of what Biloxi was, and how it is today.

The Biloxi visitor center is a 23,000 square foot facility, the hotel is a place for visitors to acquire information on attraction sites, restaurants, events, and good hotels. The center is not just an information archive but absolute beauty and attraction site itself. Apart from providing information about visitor’s amenities in Biloxi, the center is home to about a dozen multimedia exhibits that portray the cultural diversity of the people of Biloxi, their story, and their connections to the water. 


A gift shop is also available, visitors can find items of all sorts on display, and these items connect to all forms of Biloxi memorabilia. Most of the items on the shelves are made by local craftsmen and artists resident in Biloxi.

Another attraction at the Biloxi visitor’s center is the 67 seat movie theater that is located on the second floor of the building. The theater shows a 10-minute movie titled “We are Biloxi”, the movie is shown all day and it is meant for visitors of the center. The theater also shows “Katrina and Biloxi” which is a 50 minutes long documentary, it is shown daily at the hour of 10 AM and 2 PM respectively.

From the Foyer is the information Corridor. In this area brochure can be found, it also has videos that tell stories about living, working, and playing in Biloxi. On the opposite wall is a large screen showing a live view along U.S 90 from the Biloxi lighthouse. In the staircase, the area is six out of the eight stained glass windows saved from the original building on the site. 

The visitor center is open all week to visitors, it is also available for private, public, and corporate events. The building is also home to the Biloxi Bay Chambers of commerce