Biloxi Lighthouse Pier

Biloxi Lighthouse Pier

We, the residents of this great community, are glad to share with you one of the amazing features in Biloxi which is the Biloxi Lighthouse Pier. Let’s dig in

The Biloxi Lighthouse Pier connects with the Historic lighthouse, to the beach & shore. The Pier is also a post-Katrina symbol of the city’s resolve & resilience.

It is located at 1045-1059 Beach Blvd, Biloxi, MS 39530, US. Just across the parking lot from the lighthouse. Mostly features tons of birds & it’s a nice spot for some pictures as the lighting is good.

You can’t visit the beach & not hang out on the pier, right? The Biloxi Lighthouse Pier is a wonderful place to relax & enjoy some coastal scenery. 

History of the Lighthouse Pier

“This pier was destroyed heavily by Hurricane Katrina & was shut down for about 4 or 5 years after Katrina,”. “It seems like just when they got it fixed from Katrina, then comes Isaac & knocks it out of commission for just about a year.”

The edge of the Biloxi Lighthouse Pier broke away on Sunday afternoon as heavy winds & storm surge from Cristobal battered the coast.

The missing part of the pier washed ashore about a half-mile west, near White Avenue.

The pier was recently repaired after undergoing damage during Hurricane Nate in October 2017.

Fishing At The Pier

Fishing is a popular activity along the lighthouse pier, with various fishing charters operating tours of the city’s coastline. It is considered one of the very best sportfishing locations in Biloxi, with the likes of red drum, grouper, mackerel, spotted seatrout, snapper, flounder, shark, & more all living nearby waters. Along with fishing tours & charters, this pier fishing allows keen fishing enthusiasts to catch shallow-water species from the comfort of the beaches. If pier fishing in Biloxi isn’t quite enough for you & you’d prefer to head out to deeper waters, charters are always there to help.

The Reopening Of Biloxi Lighthouse Pier To The Public

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) – There are over half a dozen piers in Biloxi, but only one of them with the signature lighthouse & beautiful welcome center towering over it.

The Biloxi Lighthouse pier has been shut down for years, due to the damages caused by Hurricane Isaac. But after about a $90,000 grant from FEMA, it’s back.

Despite the inclement weather, the keen beachgoers & fishermen were taking advantage of the lighthouse pier mostly Thursday afternoon. “We’re still hunting those tricky redfish out here,” said one of the fishermen, Russell James.