Biloxi Brewing Company

Biloxi Brewing Company

Biloxi Brewing is Independent Craft Brewery located at 186 Bohn Street, Biloxi, MS 39530, which is just a stone’s throw from the Biloxi Shuckers’ stadium (MGM Park), & it is a match made in heaven.

You can go grab yourself a couple of cold pints at the taproom & then stroll straight to the stadium during the season & catch some quality baseball while you sip on even more Biloxi Brewing beer! 

It’s just an amazing place to visit your buddies.


Beers At The Biloxi Brewery

The newly opened taproom offers Tours & Tastings for the following beers:

– Biloxi Salty Dog Gose:  it features the traditional former East German Gose Style unfiltered wheat ale.

– Biloxi Beach Blonde: A greniceat quaffing beer especially for the southern summer thirst!

– Biloxi Back Bay ESB: features a moderate, well-balanced English Ale with a mild dry bitter finish.

– Biloxi Black Gold Coffee Stout:  it features smooth coffee & chocolate flavors

– Biloxi Libre De Mojito: Features a touch of acid added, & brewed with lime & mint.

– The Biloxi Pelican Pier

– The Biloxi Pale

– The Biloxi Paradise.

What makes the Biloxi Brewery interesting 

What’s a foodie destination without a delightful, write-home excellent, locally brewed beer? Biloxi brewery is that nice little local brewery with tasty beer selections worth their weight in suds. And they offer a taste before purchasing which would enable you to pick the perfect beer. The MGM is just a step away from a baseball game.

With their newly opened taproom, they Presently offer tours & tastings fill on a first-come, first-served, from noon – 6 pm on Saturdays, tours are free of charge. While Coastal Life Taproom hours at 8 pm Tue-Fri.

Biloxi Brewery Company Facilities 

Biloxi brewing has in terms of facilities some advanced technology that aids in the brewing process when it comes to brewing their Ale, IPA & Stout varieties. 

Thanks to the technology in place in their facility Biloxi brewery beers are available in standard 15.5-US-gallon (59 L), & 5.16-US-gallon (19.5 L) stainless steel kegs. Various craft breweries have only one way of packaging their brews, but “Biloxi Brewery Company ” has many options of getting their beer to beer lovers. Technology is also utilized in the “quality control” process at Biloxi Brewery to make beer that is available in bigger markets.

Biloxi Brewing Company is one of the hottest spots in town to visit and enjoy.