As members of this community allow us to guide you to a beautiful historic site.

The Beauvoir building is located at 2244 Beach Boulevard, Biloxi, MS 39531 United States of America.

About the Beauvoir 

The Beauvoir was built in 1848, it is an estate situated in Biloxi, Mississippi, along the Gulf of Mexico and it was the post-war home (1876-1889) of Jefferson Davis who was the former President of the Confederate States of America. Both the house and the plantation have been designated to be National historic landmarks which are recognized and listed by the United States Department of the Interior and also the National Park service.

– Beauvoir easily translates to “beautiful view”. When President Jefferson Davis resided there, the Beauvoir consisted of about 608 acres (2.46 Km2). The estate was surrounded with trees; oaks, cedars, and magnolia and at one point in time it even had an orange grove behind it. Today the estate is about 52 acres in size. It is located across the U.S Highway 90 from Biloxi Beach.

The Beauvoir site has a beautiful botanical garden, a cottage-style residence, a modern gift shop, a former confederate veteran home, a confederate home, a soldier museum, and the Jefferson Davis presidential library and museum. The site also consists of other buildings considered to be historic buildings, the confederate cemetery which includes the Tomb of the unknown confederate soldier.

History of the Beauvoir

The Beauvoir was built by James Brown, was an entrepreneur and a planter, in the year 1848 he started the building, and completed it in 1852. In 1873 the property was sold to a gentleman called Frank Johnston. Not long after that, the property was again sold to Samuel and Sarah Anne Ellis Dorsey. Sarah Dorsey was a novelist and historian. After her husband died the widow lived in the main house with her half-brother who was Mortimer Dahlgren. 

In 1876 Sarah Dorsey heard of the difficult times Jefferson Davis was going through both financially and on personal terms, she kindly invited him to stay at the Beauvoir. She gave him the cottage house to stay in and helped him in writing his memoir “The rise and fall of the confederate government (1881). In 1879 Jefferson Davis sought and had an arrangement with Dorsey to purchase the property for $ 5,500. Dorsey died in 1879 but bequeathed the property to Jefferson Davis in her will.