Beau Rivage Resort & Casino

Beau Rivage Resort & Casino

Beau Rivage Resort & Casino

The Beau Rivage is a casino resort located at 875 Beach Blvd, Biloxi, Mississippi, USA. Opened, March 15th, 1999, the Beau Rivage Casino has 1740 rooms in the hotel. The general gaming space of the resort is 72,000 sq ft. 

History of Beau Rivage

Originally, the Beau Rivage was meant for the Bellagio Casino Resort that was located on the Las Vegas Strip. However, Steve Wynn, the developer of Mirage Resort was the person who changed the name from Beau Rivage to Bellagio. The name (Beau Rivage) got reserved by the developer for the new waterfront casino he intended to build in Biloxi. When Beau Rivage Casino opened its doors in 1999, it was the largest casino/hotel situated in the USA, on the outskirts of Nevada. Previously, the casino used to be located at several floating barges as needed by the local authorities. The law required all casinos to be confined to marine vessels that were mobile when the resort was being constructed. On land, parking garages, hotels, restaurants, and their associated facilities were built. The hotel-casino has 29 floors with over 346 ft. Beau Rivage is a French terminology meaning ”Beautiful Shore”. The original and popular hotels of that name are Beau Rivage Palace and Beau Rivage Geneva. , Mississippi, USA, and they are both located in Francophone and Switzerland.

At the Beau Rivage Resort & Casino

There are notable restaurants at this Casino. Also, visitors can find beautiful views and scenery. They serve delicious foods, offer lodging accommodations, and also, there are several games at the Casino to play and gamble your sorrows away. The resort center is one that people can come around and relax. The resort experience is one you would want to revisit again and again.

The Beau Rivage Casino is managed and operated by MGM Resorts International. In Mississippi, the Beau Rivage is the tallest building. MGM Resorts International operates, owns, and manages the Casino. 

Beau Rivage’s experience with Hurricane Katrina

In August 2005, a 30 ft storm that was caused by Hurricane Katrina destroyed Beau Rivage Casino. The contractor that was originally in charge of the building (W.G. Yates & Sons Construction) and over fifty subcontractors. However, Beau Rivage reopened. Beau Rivage Casino is a nice relaxation spot. There is always something for every player. Whatever your mood, Beau Rivage Casino has something to brighten your mood with so many options to be explored.