Beach Blvd

Beach Blvd

Looking for a place to relax or have fun? Well, we got a place you can do both, as residents of this community we can guide you there.

In Biloxi, Mississippi city on the Gulf of Mexico is a beautiful beach called the “Biloxi Beach”.

About the Biloxi Beach

The Biloxi beach is a nice beach to visit, the beach has over 26 miles of soft and gorgeous white sand, which has quite a lot of memories.  It is located at 2200 Beach Boulevard, Biloxi MS 39531-5002. The Biloxi beach is one of the city’s biggest tourist attraction sites. The barrier island in Gulf Mexico keeps water at the beach calm and perfect for swimming. The weather at the beach is favorable for the most part of the year. Climate is one of the reasons why the beach is charming and appeals to visitors.

  • In January the water temperature is 57 oF, in February it is 60 oF, March oF, April 71 oF, May 76 oF, June oF, July oF, August 85 oF, September 82 oF, October 74 oF, November 66 oF and December 60 oF.  When the city heats up, the temperature of the water becomes nice and swimmable. 

The average water temperature at Biloxi Beach is in the 80s through the heat of summer and above 70 degrees Fahrenheit for much of April and into October. Kids enjoy swimming in the warm water and will swim all day long if their parents and guardians will let them. The beach is also easily accessible off Beach Boulevard (U.S HWY 90) almost anywhere along the MS. So whichever part of the beach a visitor intends to visit is dependent on his choice of place. Dogs are not allowed at the Biloxi beach and so also are vehicles. Cars and other vehicles have numerous designated parking spaces allocated to them at the beach. Visitors of the Biloxi beach can rent different items for their convenience at the camp. Rentals are at different spots on the beach, you can rent aqua cycles, wave runners, umbrellas, chairs, and a lot more.

The Biloxi beach is a zero-dollar spot, meaning it is accessible to every member of the public for free. Activities at the beach depending on the type of fun the visitors have in mind. These activities range from swimming, surfing, Frisbee, volleyball, the building of sandcastles, and lots more.